Photography Instruction

Smart Phone Camera Photography

You don't need an expensive camera to take amazing photos. Your smartphone camera has many features and modes. All you need is a tour of those features and a lesson or two on technique.

Learn to take better pictures of people, places and things.

After mastering your smartphone's camera, we can teach you to use photo editing apps. All apps we teach can be downloaded and used for free.

Arrange a lesson for yourself or a group of friends.

Photography Lessons allow time for practice and instruction/troubleshooting of your individual smartphone cameras.  You may wish to use two devices; your smartphone and another to connect to the lesson.

Photography Lessons can be held online or in person.  


NOTE: We do not teach classes on how to use traditional DSLR, SLR, or Compact Digital Cameras.  We will gladly share free online resources for those; just contact us. 

Turn your photos from blah to WOW! Below are some samples of what can be done with your Smartphone Camera & some free apps.